About "Us"

New Guy

I'm new in the Maryland / D.C. area and currently without a job, so I'm looking to help you with anything.

Guy Excitement

I'm just a guy ready to do anything. I can take you fishing, go fishing with you, play video games with you, watch your dog, show up at your parties and instantly make you seem hotter to chicks since I'm really not that great looking - anything really.

Guy For Life

I'm a technical guy by trade, so I can fix anything (as long as it's not a human person.) I've worked on everything from nuclear reactors (yes seriously) to cars and trucks. Plumbing and HVAC, electrical, kids toys, computers, high pressure pharmaceutical nanotechnology processing equipment... everything pretty much. I can advise you on any repair pretty much. I'm not licensed or anything, but I know how to do it and can advise you or get the right person. As an experienced engineer in the pharma and nuclear industries, I've learned where my limits are and how to find the right help when I can't do it myself. I'm certified / trained in CPR (they call it Basic Life Support now) as well, so I can literally help save your life in an emergency.